Sketch Factor App: For Unsafe Areas in Racial Discrimination Line

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Sketch Factor App which launched on Friday uses crowd-sourced data from users to pinpoint sketchy areas as well as to provide safe walking directions.

The app allows users to submit sketchy reports and others to vote on whether or not the tips are helpful. Sketch Factor is just one of many products that aim to crowd source safety information about the areas in which users live and walk - and it is not the first to be hit with the racial discrimination label.

In fact, several alarming red flags pop up when one looks at the region around the bureau. But in reading the comments, some reports are not as threatening.

There's a homeless shelter or something that houses the poor here. The residents hang out front and never bother anybody, but it's uncomfortable as you pass an otherwise nice area, reads one.

It is comments like these that have landed the app's founders, Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington, in hot water.

A tool like Sketch Factor might actually be incredibly powerful for a community in building safety by allowing people to share stories but it really does depend on the background. You could imagine a community that might have a xenophobic tendencies or exclusionary tendencies to use an app like that as an extension of already existing biases.

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High-Tech Sleeping sensor breaks through $1m on Kick starter

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A 22-year-old British entrepreneur's new sleep-tracking kit has cracked $1.2m in its first week on Kick starter’s mass funding platform. James Proud launched his product, Sense, on 23 July through a goal of raising $100,000 within 30 days.  But it accepted the $1m-mark on Sunday, and has been estimate to raise more than $4m by the period's end.

Sense includes an orb that monitors the bedroom, a clip that attaches to the pillow, and a cell phone phone app. The equipment produces a distinctive score for the preceding night's sleep and aims to wake the owner up at the top point in their sleep cycle. 

It is due to ship in November and can be prepared in advance for $129. Apps such as Sleep Cycle, Sleepbot and Sleep master are already used by iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users to track their sleep using sensors built into the handsets. There are also professional hardware devices such as Aura, from the French firm Withings, and a $8,000 snore-stopping bed.

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Real Estate Investing and Essential Steps

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Real Estate is a cycle and cycles have some amount of predictability. With certainty, you can raise your real estate business into a cash-producing, profit-pulling machine that runs itself with the changing real estate market trends. It is still possible to make money in real estate. In fact, now is just as good a time as some to get started in real estate investing.

                                                                                                                                                                                           What this means is just that you must be experienced in the basics - the tried and true techniques, strategies and systems that have worked in the past, are still working and will work in the future. The essential steps in real estate investing are:

Set your plan: Figure out what your long term real estate goals and figure out what your short term requirements are with regard to making money in real estate. Then, set up the proper entities and put the plan in place.
Decide what your target market will be: You cannot be all things to all real estate markets. If foreclosures appeal to you, start investing in the foreclosure marketplace.

Be steady and determined: Real Estate is not a get wealthy quick system. Real Estate is get wealthy over time and put few quick cash in your pocket today. You've got to follow your plan and stick with it to see real results in real estate.

 Become a master of money: Real estate is the commerce of marketing and money. You must learn about mortgages and interest rates and loan program that are out there.

Become a skilled problem solver: The reason you will get real estate deals that others don't, is since you are able to solve people's problems. Anything goes on the real estate playing field.

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Main Key Areas to Give Attention to While Buying a Home

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Looking for a new home can be exhilarating and annoying. You can help alleviate the frustration by paying close concentration to main key areas of the homes you're considering buying; it may save you money in the long run.

According to a study the main key areas in home inspection are electrical, foundation, plumbing, the attic, and landscaping.


In the case of home, the trees were causing micro-fractures in the cover in various locations of the home. As you walk through the house, 21 feet in and 30 feet deep, there's just too much root invasion and it's going to ruin their tile. Window maintenance is also very important. Most people don't recognize that there are natural cracks in a house.


Study says sometimes homeowners assume with newer homes that all will work just fine but that's often not the case. For example, A brand new house -- four years old but the electrical was all done incorrectly.


Another big area of concern is the plumbing. It's a region that you can't always spot as easily but it can create luxurious repairs if plumbing issues go either undetected or are not properly fixed.


According to the study, there should be a 12 inch barrier between the landscape and the home. Otherwise you run the risk of having the foundation break and affect the home. What happens is, as the landscape that is too close to the house is watered, the foundation and soil expand. Then, when no watering occurs, the base dries up and shrinks and this can cause it to crack.

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